Freedom’s Dance: Social, Aid & Pleasure Clubs in New Orleans

Freedom’s Dance: Social, Aid & Pleasure Clubs in New Orleans

Photos by Eric Waters

Narrative by Karen Celestan

(projected release: Spring 2016)

Freedom’s Dance will provide an intimate look at the famed Second Line in New Orleans, focusing solely on the SAPC tradition, which rituals date back to the 1700s in New Orleans, when slaves first arrived at the port. This book will be filled with images from the lens of photographer Eric Waters (approximately 200 photos – including black-and-white, color, spot color and topaz). Waters, using visuals from the early 1970s to the present, showcases the pageantry of working-class people celebrating life through a dynamic display that engages even the most reserved observer.

The book will feature supporting essays from several writers, including musician and scholar Dr. Michael White, arts consultant James Borders IV, poet and cultural activist Kalamu ya Salaam, Freddi Williams Evans (author of Congo Square) and Dr. Zada Johnson (assistant professor, Northeastern Illinois University), Dr. Esailama Diouf-Henry and Rachel Carrico, and artist Charles Siler. Foreword by Joyce Jackson, PhD, Louisiana State University .

This project is supported by a grant from

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4 Responses to Freedom’s Dance: Social, Aid & Pleasure Clubs in New Orleans

  1. Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel says:

    I’m proud of your amazing acomplishments my friend. I can’t wait to read Trois Femmes. Ordering it today.

  2. Karen Albert says:

    Awesome photos. I love, love the uniqueness of New Orleans when a Brass Band shows up! The photos that highlight the DANCE make me wanna… buck-jump! The euphoria is there. I’m looking forward to the release! Love ya.

    • KCelestan says:

      You know it! That music makes you move whether you want to or not.
      There will be some buck-jumping at the book release party and I hope you’re in that number.
      Talk to you soon. Take care.
      This Karen

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